Guardian Industries UK has earned BES 6001 accreditation for its responsible sourcing of materials.

After independent assessment by the British Standards Institution, the awarding body, Guardian UK received a Very Good score, highlighting the company’s long-term focus on sustainability and environmental responsibility. 

The Building Research Establishment’s (BRE) BES 6001 certification assesses how well companies operate within standards of supply chain management and environmental and social responsibility when managing relationships with suppliers. Specifically, it acknowledges the Responsible Sourcing of Construction Products.

The BES 6001 certification not only shows Guardian to be a responsible company that cares for the environment, said Steven Scrivens, Marketing Manager for Guardian Glass UK & Ireland, but it also helps it to stand out amongst its competitors.

“We’ve been following the development of this standard for many years,” said Scrivens, who was actively involved in the process. “We worked with both British Glass and with BRE to help them to better understand the glass and glazing industry and how the standard could be applied to address this construction product in the supply chain.”