Gulf Glass Manufacturing Company (GGMC) has chosen machinery from Bucher Emhart Glass for its cold end.

The Kuwait container glassmaker upgraded its production and inspection lines in 2016 and selected a combination of Bucher Emhart’s (BEG) FleXinspect C with FleXinspect M, fitted with BEG’s recently launched Scout technology.

The plant has two furnaces with a total melting capacity of 300 tons per day and manufactures glass containers of all shapes and sizes. GGMC serves major customers in the soft-drinks industry such as Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Cadbury-Schweppes, Sinalco, and Vimto, as well as several customers in the food industry.

FleXinspect is Emhart’s main inspection range. The range comprises the flagship FleXinspect T, FleXinspect M, and the modular FleXinspect B and C, which are also available in a combined unit, the FleXinspect BC.

“We were delighted with how smoothly this project went,” confirms François Laenen, GGMC’s plant manager and, coincidentally, a former BEG employee.

“It was ‘plug and play,’ which is extraordinary—you might expect that for something like a conveyor or pusher, but not something as complex as an inspection unit.

"Now we’re looking forward to the quality gains that FleXinspect and Scout will bring us for many years to come.”