Heat Applications India has joined the Hotwork International Group.

The owners of both companies have agreed for Hotwork International to take a substantial number of shares in Heat Applications India (HAL).

The management of HAL will be by Daniel Kirkham and Neelima Kirkham, who will continue to support their large client base.

This milestone will allow both companies to unify their affords and technology.

Hotwork International will also extend its product portfolio to HAL in the growing Indian market.

This will address the need for environmentally friendly combustion and melting technology, offering low NOx combustion technology, electric boosting, hydrogen burner and other technologies to various industries.

A ceremony was conducted on the 30th of August 2023 to mark the joining of the two companies (see image above).

Management chose the day of Raksha Bandhan, a Hindu festival that celebrates the relationship between brothers and sisters, and families, to underline the relationship of the new acquired sister companies.

In a statement, Hotwork International said: “Our goal on this migration and co-operation is not only for unity, but to continuously and strongly support our clients with services needed at any time of day in the year.

“Our reach and availability covers from the Americas to Europe, the Middle East, Africa, India, Asia Pacific and stretching to Australia and Oceania.

“As group, we strive to continue to deliver and improve the services and products to our valued clients at a global reach.”