After the first six months of 2021, German glassmaker Heinz-Glas is now producing at pre-Covid levels with the international market recovering faster than expected.

The company has used the Covid-19 period to adjust its product portfolio and realign itself in a global market.

While two years ago the focus of the family-owned company was still strongly on the production of noble and luxurious perfume flacons, the product mix has now also changed in the direction of skin care, lifestyle, home fragrance and spirits.

Another milestone for Heinz-Glas was reached recently in Changzhou, China.

The construction of the furnace at the newly built production site in Jiangsu province began at the end of July 2021, with production expected at the beginning of 2022.

Expansion into South America is also continuing for Heinz-Glas, with an office building, storage space and a hall for finishing all being built in Brazil.

There is also a joint venture in India is currently running at full capacity and is considered by Heinz-Glas to be an important success factor for supplying the local Indian and Indonesian markets and for price-sensitive products for the mass market.

And lastly, Heinz-Glas’ furnace in Dzialdowo, Poland which was affected by major damage, has also been rebuilt so that regular production can be resumed before the end of the year.