Glassmaker Heinz Glas is building a new furnace at its Kleintettau production site in Germany, after reporting a ‘record year’ in 2010.

The furnace, which will have an initial capacity of 40 tons per day, will be dedicated to the production of glass for the perfume industry.

The Heinz Glas Group, which saw a turnover of €280 million in 2010, is said to have invested more than €25 million in this latest furnace, which will be commissioned in January 2012.

This will be complemented by a further €2 million investment in finishing operations, with the introduction of a third vacuum coating bell, a new lacquering line, a new automatic screenprinting line and an automatic tampo printing line.

Heinz Glas operates four furnaces in Germany, two in Poland, two in China and one in Peru. Its clients include Yves Saint Laurent and Yves Rocher.