Carletta Heinz has been appointed the new CEO of Heinz-Glas, replacing her father and continuing the family business into its 13th generation.

Carl-August Heinz managed the Heinz-Glas Group for 43 years and has agreed to be available as a consultant for the time being, due to the current situation.

Ms Heinz said: “I am proud to be able to follow such footsteps and will do my best to fill them and continue on our path!

“Thank you, also, that despite your retirement, you will continue to advise the company and I for a while. I would have really granted you a quieter pension and hope that you will be able to start and enjoy it, in full, next year at the latest!”

Ms Heinz successfully finished her studies as a business graduate at Friedrich-Alexander-University in 2012.

After finishing university she founded the project “CityHunters & Co. together with three classmates in 2012.

She was responsible for the financial accounting, controlling, taxes and payroll accounting side of the company until the end of 2013. Since 2013, Carletta has been working for the Heinz-Glas.

She entered the management of the company as Chief Information Officer in January 2017.