Heliatek GmbH, a global manufacture of high-end Solar Films, has signed a joint development agreement with AGC Glass Europe, with the aim of researching and developing the integration of glass and Solar Films.

This will enable the entire glass façades of buildings, including windows, to become cost-effective solar energy harvesters, reducing a building's carbon footprint while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Heliatek's Solar Films are suited to this application because they can be opaque or semi-transparent in a variety of colors. The films are ultra-light, ultra-thin and efficient under real world conditions, thanks to three unique features: They harvest the sun's energy at peak efficiency for longer daytime periods than traditional solar technologies, from full sun down to a tenth of full sun; they can operate efficiently in any orientation, even when not directly facing the sun; finally, their performance remains stable at temperatures up to 80°C.