Heye International and Bucher Emhart Glass have formed a technical partnership.

The two companies said they see the importance and challenge of future digitisation and automation solutions and have therefore decided to collaborate in selected technical areas.

Bucher Emhart and Heye share the same beliefs about the value of supplier partnerships, contending that a fully automated plant is only possible when suppliers work together.

Both companies hold a number of patents, relevant to the development and implementation of important solutions on the road to the smart, fully automated glass plant.

They agree that the only way to reach important milestones on the smart road is via collaboration. Nevertheless, Heye and Bucher Emhart are continuing to market their solutions independently.

A recent development is an agreement to share one of the most important patents in the field of data integration and production process automation.

Under the terms of this agreement, Heye International grants Bucher Emhart Glass a royalty for its patent EP 2 114 834 B1, which secures the possibility to attach all production information and inspection results to an individual glass container and to return this information to the forming process.

This patent permits the automatic adjustment of IS machines based on container-specific data, irrespective of whether this information is generated at the hot end or at the cold end or at the laboratory.

Dirk Pörtner, President of Heye International and Martin Jetter, President of Bucher Emhart Glass are convinced of their companies’ ability to offer a wide range of new automation solutions for the smart glass plant of the future.