The HiShield Ranger 2 from Heye International has been developed to fulfil the customer‘s quality expectations and is fully available in every country.

Fully modular and scalable system

The Ranger 2 system consists of one camera, collecting five images simultaneously via five lenses and fibre optic image guides.

It also includes the illumination unit and the control unit with the software for image processing, including the decision ‘container okay’ or ‘not okay’.

Based on the budget and needs of the glass plant, the customer can start with one system and add any number of parallel systems whenever they want.

A typical and recommended configuration is four parallel systems, each dedicated to and optimised for one of the following types of checks:

  • Horizontal
  • Shoulder
  • Vertical
  • Bottom

Each system runs independently and does not need to be synchronised with the others so there is no influence or need to compromise between the systems.

This allows an individual optimisation of all settings for the respective type of check.

If one system is not available or not adjusted optimally, the others are still fully operational.

Intelligent cloud masking – self-learning systems

Every container produced must be regarded as a unique object and any check detection concept has to respect this.

For this reason each Ranger 2 system is using Heye’s Intelligent Cloud Masking (ICM).

Bearing in mind that each article is distinctive, the Ranger 2 system is designed to investigate each one independently.

Accordingly, it is not necessary to teach the detection system, but each container serves as a time saving reference for itself.

Moreover, the inspection zones are dynamic in nature. The Ranger 2 system is therefore able to detect different variations of checks, as well as to recognise new variations of them during production.

Apart from advanced camera and non-contact solutions, smart data is the key.

The Heye PlantPilot collects and aggregates production data in the plant.

The borders between Hot End and Cold End will disappear, information is shared on the spot.

Tracking and tracing as well as the possibility of creating user-specific analysis are additional components, allowing continuous improvement processes to increase productivity.