A pharmaceutical glass tubing manufacturing unit is set to restart production in early 2021.

Owner Telux Immobilien has entered into an exclusive contractual agreement with Ullmannglass, for the sale of the Neuwerk premises, located in the town of Weißwasser , Germany

Both companies agreed to work together for a year and have now entered the final stages of the project.

The current timeline is to close the sale by the end of 2020 and start glass production in the Neuwerk in the second half of 2021.

The so called Neuwerk site has 45,000m2 of concrete industrial flooring, two furnace and production halls (1 at 69,000m2 enclosed space and another at 57,000 cubic meters enclosed space) as well as a 9300 m3 warehouse.

The site also contains several fully developed buildings and can, after the building of the corresponding melting tanks, be operated within a short period of time.

Until the end of the 1930s the Weißwasser area was a global epicentre of glass production. The area is in the Oberlausitz, Saxonia, in the so-called Muskauer Faltenbogen region, where the borders of Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic meet.

Until 2008, the Telux glassworks produced glass tubes in such a high quality that competing German glass manufacturers exited the business segment.

Telux was founded at end of the 19th Century and was sold 10 years later to Osram. Its capital was confiscated in 1948 by the Soviet Military Administration in Germany (SMAD) and the company was renamed VEB Spezialglaswerk Einheit, until the Treuhandanstalt privatized it in 1993.

Due to the world economic crisis in 2008 the production had to be closed within 24 hours as the bank with whom Telux was working, entered extreme financial difficulties.