Hindusthan National Glass & Industries (HNG) has begun construction of a new manufacturing complex in Naidupeta, in the Nellore district of Andhra Pradesh, India with an initial investment of more than
Rs 700 crore.

The greenfield manufacturing site represents a step towards HNG’s quest to double its capacity in the next three years. Spanning 210 acres, the complex is set to house what is expected to be the largest batch house in the world, the single largest furnace in India with a capacity of 650 tonnes per day and the world’s largest container glass end port fired furnace of 175m2.

On completion, the facility will contain three container glass and two float glass plants and is planned to be the largest glass complex in South East Asia with a total capacity of 3500 tonnes per day. It will employ the latest narrow neck press and blow technology for the production of lightweight glass.

Andhra Pradesh is a rapidly developing region with a high per capita consumption of beverages.