Horn Bau & Service, a subsidiary of Horn Glass Industries, has completed a glass melting furnace hot repair at Heinz-Glas’ Piesau manufacturing facility.

The entire 250 t/d glass melting furnace was drained to carry out repairs at the doghouse and the throat.

To avoid consequential damage, the furnace temperature was kept at 1200°C. At these temperatures, service experts started to remove the remaining doghouse palisades and plating in this area as well as in the throat.

As a next step, new doghouse palisades and corners were replaced and various critical areas re-plated.

Continuous endoscopies were carried out during the repair process to assess the extent of the repair and to ensure Horn’s own quality standards.

After fill up by Horn, the furnace was successfully put back into operation after a few days.

Parallel to this work, the complete colouring forehearth was reinstalled and heated up by Horn.