Horn Glass hosted its third technology seminar at Hotel Kunlun in Beijing, China.

50 delegates from the container glass industry attended the one-day seminar ‘Electric Boosting used in Glass Melting Furnaces’. Presenters from Horn included Ulrich Imhof, Executive Director, Roland Haberkorn, Chief of the Electrical Department and Joachim Gesslein, Glass Conditioning Specialist.

Maximilian Sollfrank, President of Foreign Units and Mr Imhof opened the seminar with a welcome speech.

An introductory lecture followed about the current developments at Horn. This included the expansion of the new department ‘Glass plant technology’ and the equipment supplier's current management.

The first two presentations focused on increasing specific melting performance and improving the flexibility of fossil heated glass furnaces through the use of electrical boosting systems.

Mr Imhof introduced numerous applications supported by mathematical modelling. Mr Haberkom explained the installations, equipment and operation of the systems as well as the measures for maintenance.

The final presentation focussed on the application of boosting systems at forehearths in order to improve thermal homogeneity and various systems for full electric heating.

To ensure its customers feel welcome and appreciated, Horn Glass Technology in Beijing organised a spectacular dinner in a Mongolian restaurant, which included live music and dancers. There was a traditional grand ceremony, which was then followed by a dish of roasted lamb.

The event was well received and Horn is keen to host a fourth seminar.