Horn Glass Brazil is the new official representative of company Zippe in Brazil and the main contact for the local glass industry with regard to Zippe’s batch plants.

A second contract has also been signed to also represent Zippe subsidiary company Lahti Glass Technology.

Since Horn and Zippe have joint representations in many countries, it was an obvious conclusion to also represent Zippe through the local Horn subsidiary in Brazil.

Mr. Thiago Metti, an experienced specialist in the glass industry, is the Managing Director of Horn Glass Brazil.

He is an ideal contact for the glass industry throughout South America for all matters relating to glass melting and batch preparation, thanks to his years of experience.

Specialists from Horn and Zippe in Germany support the Brazilian subsidiary, so the glass industry can enjoy the usual high quality.

Horn Glass Brazil was established in August 2020 with an office in Sao Paulo and is the contact for Horn for the South American glass industry.