Horn has produced a melting furnace with an energy value below 3 GJ/t at Wiegand-Glas’s Großbreitenbach plant, Germany.

In spring 2021, Horn was commissioned to significantly optimise an end fired furnace with three forehearth lines and a melting capacity of 350 tonnes per day at the Großbreitenbach plant.

After a successful order, it was discovered that the specific energy values were only slightly higher than the theoretically required energy demand of 3 GJ/t glass. Consequently, the guaranteed values were already exceeded.

For this reason, Wiegand-Glas and Horn agreed to carry out further optimisation of the melting furnace. The aim was to reproducibly fall below the value of 3 GJ/t glass over a longer period.

During the production of Wiegand-Glas’s olive green bottles, the furnace’s energy value was permanently below 3 GJ/t over a one-week period; cullet content was greater than 85%.

The melting furnace was characterised using Horn e-Fusion Boosting with an input of 15% electrical energy and the technological know-how from Horn’s R&D department.