Horn has completed the repair of a 300tpd furnace for Turkish tableware manufacturer, LAV.

Horn had to form an overall perspective of the situation and use the existing parts of the furnace to repair, rebuild and change some of it.

The melting area was enlarged by a metre in width and two metres in length. Therefore the burner ports had to be enlarged by a metre too.

Another characteristic was the complete new design of the regenerator system and the waste gas channel. The combustion system was upgraded and included an extension of the reversing station and six new natural gas Dualflame AC burners.

Due to the enlargement of the melting surface Horn had to install two additional cooling fans to the existing ones to cool the melting tank.

Another cooling air fan was added to the throat. The electrical measurement and control system was reused and adapted to the new designs and forehearths. But the new electrical devices required an additional cabinet which were connected to an existing CPU.

All these improvements were accomplished by Horn to guarantee an optimum glass pull rate in respect of energy consumption, glass quality and stable conditions.

This furnace is the world’s largest tableware furnace due to its 10 production lines.

The LAV Glass Company was established in 1994. It has two production plants built on a 300,000m2 site in Kütahya. It produces enough glassware to export its goods to customers in 130 countries.