Glassmaker Hrastnik1860 is offering an opportunity for a lucky winner to have a custom spirit glass bottle design.

The Spirit in a Bottle competition is open to both potential and existing customers and the winner will collaborate with Hrastnik1860 experts, who will guide the project from the design concept stage to the creation of a glass bottles.

Hrastnik1860 will cover all project expenses, including the cost of mould equipment and the first sampling.

This means the winner can bring their vision to life without worrying about budget constraints.

It said: "By offering a free bottle design and sample, we aim to pave the way for market differentiation and packaging that fully reflects your vision."

Entrants should convince Hrastnik1860 with a brief description of their brand and the ideas that keep them awake at night.

All submissions must be received by 10 p.m. on October 30th, 2023.

The winner will be selected by a jury comprising experts from the design studio, marketing, commercial, and product development departments. This ensures that the most exceptional project will be chosen.

Applicants can send an email to, they can fill up a form here Spirit in a bottle | Hrastnik1860 or they can visit its booth at the Luxe Pack fair and apply there.