Glass refractories supplier HarbisonWalker International (HWI) has unveiled a new brand identity.

The new look reflects HWI as a member of Calderys, the global refractories company’s brand in the Americas.

Calderys Group President and CEO Michel Cornelissen said: “The new visual identity of HWI, as a member of Calderys, is a step on our journey to form a unified business that incorporates the best of both brands to create a global high-growth leader.

“We have undertaken this exercise with thoughtful intention to preserve the legacy of the HWI brand in the Americas while reflecting the global stature of the Calderys brand.”

For more than 150 years, HWI has built a legacy of refractories leadership in North America.

The brand emerged as HarbisonWalker International in 2014 when three leading US-based companies joined forces, becoming known as HWI.

During these years, the Calderys brand was built as Imerys SA’s High Temperature Solutions global business across Europe, Asia and Africa.

Both businesses were purchased by Platinum Equity, which announced in February 2023 that it would combine Calderys and HWI to create one of the world's largest and refractories producers.

Elements of the HWI brand combine the visual identities of both companies, with HWI maintaining its acronym and font while adopting the symbolism of the Calderys brand: hands joining together, flames, the caldera of a volcano and the containing of heat.