Glass refractories supplier HarbisonWalker International (HWI), a member of Calderys, will upgrade its operations at multiple North American manufacturing facilities.

These investments aim to reinforce the Calderys Group's global competitiveness and demonstrate the company’s plans for continued advancements.

Additional investment projects are planned for this year.

Michel Cornelissen, President and CEO of Calderys, said: “Our investments in the Americas underscore the value we place in our deep, longtime relationships with customers in the region, particularly with our steel industry partnerships. These investments demonstrate our plans for continued growth and our leadership as a combined organisation.”

HWI’s North American investments aim to support customers’ growth and energy transition needs by elevating capacity, product quality, and innovation.

Upgrades in 2023 included:

  • Monolithics expansion investments at HWI’s White Cloud, Michigan plant to increase capacity by 12,500 MT and robotics upgrades for hydraulic presses.
  • Expansion of HWI’s Lowellville, Ohio facility to increase capacity from 300 MT to 2,000 MT.
  • Expansion of the Thomasville, Georgia plant to increase capacity to 7,500 MT.
  • New press installations in Windham, Ohio, and Vandalia, Missouri, facilities to increase capacity.

Kevin Ballard, Vice President of Operations and Engineering at HWI, said: “In 2023, we more than doubled HWI’s typical annual capital investments, and the future is bright as we plan for even further investment and growth in 2024. HWI, as a member of Calderys, is continuing our 150+ years of industry leadership and dedication to our people, customers, and communities.”

In February 2023, Calderys acquired HWI as the brand for the group’s Americas region.

By June 2023, the company launched its HWI brand and integrated its operations in the Americas with HWI.