A collaboration project that aims to decarbonise the glass industry’s production processes will commence operations in January 2023.

The Horizon Europe project H2GLASS aims to create the technology stack that glass manufacturers need to realise 100% hydrogen combustion in their production facilities, as well as ensuring the required product quality and safe handling at industrial sites.

The project plans to replace natural gas with green hydrogen and apply oxy-fuel combustion technology to avoid NOx.

H2GLASS was awarded funding at the end of July 2022 and has started the grant agreement process. The plan is to start activities in January 2023.

The innovations generated by H2GLASS have the potential to create 10,000 new jobs and unlock €1 – 5 billion revenues for glass technology deployment.

It could also generate investments of upwards of €17 billion and create 200,000 new jobs for green hydrogen – while cutting emissions by approx. 80%.

Partners such as Steklarna Hrastnik, Pilkington, Owens Corning and Stara Glass will provide their expertise to the H2GLASS Consortium.

The consortium also contains a group of highly qualified industrial and research institutions, as well as other glass manufacturers who want to stay at the forefront of sustainable technology.

The project is also supported by associations such as Glass Alliance Europe, the European Container Glass Federation (FEVE) and Glass for Europe.

In numbers:

  • 23 partners
  • Four years
  • €33 million budget
  • €24 million EU fund
  • Project launch - Jan 2023