According to BusinessLine, Indian container glassmaker AGI glaspac is to invest in technology upgrades that will see its capability to produce lighter bottles and reuse glass.

The Hyderabad-based company will obtain the latest NNPB technology from Europe to produce lightweight bottles.

It said the technology will help reduce bottle weight by a third without compromising on quality.

Rajesh K Khosla, President & CEO was quoted: “We have production capability and will need about 100 crore ($14 million) investment to get the special technology and harness it for manufacturing products that will mostly be exported.”

The first funding of 15 crore will be used in the Bhongir manufacturing plant, about 50km from Hyderabad.

The second 15 crore investment will be set up in the Hyderabad production unit next year, Mr Khosla said.

The company currently produces about 1600 tonnes a day from the two plants. It manufcaturers 6.5 million bottles a day for various segments.

Technology suppliers to the company includes Zippe, Sorg, Bucher Emhart Glass, Sheppee International, Pennekamp, Sonicam, AGR International and Strutz.

Pictured: AGI glaspac's Hyderabad plant.