Neil Simpson’s industrial combustion decarbonisation online training module is scheduled to start on Monday 24th May at 9am [UK-BST] and will be repeated on Tuesday 25th May at 1pm [UK-BST].

The three hours training course will start to address the many questions being asked today about the impact of hydrogen or bio diesel on high temperature combustion and how to start to plan for decarbonisation beyond 100% electrical conversion.

Having run +20 on-line combustion training modules in recent weeks, Mr Simpson said that Q&A can be generic and limited due to competitors in attendance.

Included in the training package will be an additional 30minutes of 1:1 consulting to consider specific questions and concerns.

Most recently Neil Simpson is known for combustion work in the glass industry and whilst this will be an area where most personal examples will be shown the other example industries will include steel reheat, aluminium reverb, cement, refractory, incineration and process heating including drying.

In the early 90’s the first “Simpson Burner” was for an LCV bio-wood gas. Then followed by an oxygen atomised waste oil lance for a soil remediation project.

One LCV gas was so low that we developed a specific dual fuel solution to achieve the process temperature.

With over 20 published patent applications Mr Simpson is an expert in oxy fuel combustion of natural gas, propane, diesel, HFO and even experience in oxy hydrogen.

The problems you think you may have today are most likely not the real problems you will encounter. I once reduced the Zircon (ZrSiO4) in an AZS refractory to Pure Zirconia and Silicon with the resulting failure of the burner block.

Technically “toutes c'est possible mais le prix” TRANS “all are possible but the price”.

You may already know many of the answers you need but you are asking the wrong questions!

Making the initial financial assumption that there will most likely be a premium for a decarbonised solution then payback and NPV will change for alternative/new technologies which are currently not financially feasible.

If you can convert to 100% electricity for all energy and be profitable in future then there is no need to attend since you are sorted! For anyone else bookings can be made by contacting

A pdf of important slides and a digital certificate of attendance will be provided. The 30minutes consulting will be by appointment on a first-come basis.

Cost to attend each session is £450 plus VAT but discounted to £395 plus VAT for multiple attendees Simpson C&E Alumni, Glass Trend and SGT Members.

The decarbonisation courses are sponsored by CelSian, DSF, Fives and Ametek Land.