Over 25 companies have already registered to exhibit at the upcoming Glassman South America exhibition, held in Buenos Aires on the 29th and 30th March 2017.

Companies that have signed up to exhibit so far include Bottero, FIC UK, E.W. Bowman, Electroglass, Nikolaus Sorg, Tiama, Iris Inspection machines, Interglass, TECO, and Heye International, amongst others.

Glassman South America is an international exhibition and conference that caters exclusively to the hollow glass manufacturing industry.

Exhibitors at the event cover the entire hollow glass-making spectrum, from mixing and weighing to hot end equipment, to inspection equipment, through to cold end packaging, and everything in-between.

The wine-rich area of Argentina is home to a number of container glass manufacturers, including global glassmakers O-I and Verallia and domestic manufacturers such as Cattorini and Rigolleau.

South and Central America has been one of the most dynamic regions in the hollow glassmaking sector in recent years.

There have been a host of new glassmaking facilities that have opened recently and there has been a renewed interest in the region thanks to its favourable economic and political conditions.

To find out more information on the exhibition and its accompanying conference, visit: www.glassmanevents.com/south-america/