Glass International: Before introducing your company, could you please briefly present the current Chinese glass packaging market?

Mr Zhang De Hua: The Chinese glass industry faces strong consolidations, the new environmental regulations are making it difficult for small glass factories to survive. The market leaders will certainly shape tomorrow’s glass industry.

Glass International: Could you introduce your company, Shandong Huapeng Glass and your strategy at this time?

Mr Zhang De Hua: Shandong Huapeng is one of China’s leaders in glass packaging and is the largest manufacturer of crystal-like tableware. We have taken advantage of today’s industry evolution and our company has opened factories all over China. At this stage, we have more than seven glass factories. Our company strategy is to bring higher quality products to the domestic market as well as carrying on our development of international sales. For this reason, Huapeng chose to use international standard imported equipment and we voluntary selected international standard inspection equipment as well.

In 2015, Huapeng upgraded one complete new production line with Tiama’s latest inspection machines MCAL4 (sidewall & dimensional), MULTI4 (finish & base) and MX4 (carousel technology) equipped with ATLAS systems (non-contact check detection). Before May 2016, Huapeng will have installed an additional 12 machines: MCAL4, MULTI4 and MX4 with ATLAS.

Glass International: What is Shandong Huapeng’s main range of products?

Mr Zhang De Hua: Shandong Huapeng has positioned itself in the production of wide-mouth jar packaging, as well as all kind of bottle shapes for wine, liquors and olive oils.

We manufacture for China’s market but also a large share of our production is for the export market in the APEC regions. These containers require a high level of inspection and the Tiama inspection equipment helps us achieve the highest quality standards required by our customers and ensure our product safety.

Glass International: Is Huapeng also a tableware manufacturer?

Mr Zhang De Hua: Yes, that is right, Huapeng Glass is a leader for the production of crystal wine glass, lead-free wine glass and we provide our products to five stars hotels in China as well as export them globally, our main markets are South Korea, Japan, the United States, Canada and Russia.