The use of the digital services in glassmaking will be discussed a forthcoming conference.

Digital glassmaking, smart manufacturing, Industry 4.0 and The Internet of Things have become part of a glassmaker’s vocabulary in recent years.

The Future Glass Forum aims to discuss some of the latest innovations in this area of glassmaking and how automation can help a glassmaker become more efficient.

Those to speak are Siemens, Xpar Vision, SGD Pharma, Glass Service, Land Ametek and Marposs.

The Future Glass Forum takes place within the Glassman Europe trade show.

The event includes a conference devoted to sustainable glassmaking and an exhibition of technology suppliers.

Among those to speak at the sustainable glassmaking conference are ABI InBev (pictured), Rabobank, BV Glas, and former Coca Cola and SAB Miller Executives Emma Bowers and Richard van Breda.

Glassman Europe is the leading trade show for the container and hollow glass sectors.

It takes place at the Cite Centre de Congress, Lyon, France on September 17 and 18.

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