Glassmaker Shandong Jingyao, an established supplier of glass packaging to Tsingtao Brewing Co Ltd, has been the subject of significant recent investment in order to keep pace with the growing demand from the increasingly popular Tsingtao beer.

This has included the introduction of specialist camera-based inspection technology from Iris Inspection, to guarantee the quality of bottles supplied to the Tsingtao Brewery and other customers.

The modernisation strategy at the Linyi factory in Shandong Province has been coordinated by the company’s President and owner, Mr. Tang Yong.

Mr. Yong has been responsible for installing the first Narrow-Neck-Press-and-Blow (NNPB) production lines in China, in order to make the Tsingtao beer bottles.

These high-speed 10-section Heye International IS machines are successfully operating with advanced cold end inspection equipment from Lyon-based Iris Inspection Machines.

This includes Evolution 12 machines, which perform sidewall and sidewall stress inspection, as well as Iris Evolution 5 machines for base, base stress and finish inspection.

The Evolution inspection machines installed at Shandong Jingyao are evidence of Iris Inspection Machine’s commitment to help customers in their quest for improved production efficiencies.

China’s iconic Tsingtao beer has become popular throughout the world, with the bottle’s easily recognisable logo displaying an image of Zhan Qiao, a famous pier on Quingdao’s southern shore in Shandong Province.