The Estonian glass container production arm of Owens-Illinois (O-I) has placed an order for eight machines with Iris Inspection machines.

Based at Jarvakandi, at the heart of the northern European Baltic State and in the glass capital of Estonia, O-I Estonia operates two furnaces and four production lines.

The factory manufactures white flint glass packaging, including vodka bottles, water bottles, soft drinks and beer bottles, as well as jars.

Most output involves articles with complex shapes (conical, square, rectangular etc) and engravings, which are typical for the region’s vodka industry.

Iris was commissioned to supply eight machines to replace existing automatic inspection equipment.

The order includes four Evolution 16 machines, each of which features 12 cameras to provide full coverage of bottles and jars, as well as four additional cameras for the detection of stress defects in the body.

The equipment can inspect 100% of a container, even in engraved and decorated areas.