South Korean flat glass producer KCC Glass Corp has broken ground on a new float glass plant in Central Java, Indonesia.

The RP 5 trillion site ($350 million) in Batang, Indonesia will occupy 49 acres at the Integrated Industrial Estate.

When completed it will manufacture about 438, 000 tonnes/year of glass for the construction sector.

The construction phase is planned to be completed in 2023 and will start operating in 2024. It is KCC’s first overseas glass venture.

KCC Glass plans to sell construction glass to Indonesian and Southeast Asian markets. It aims to gradually expand its factories to become a ‘comprehensive glass cluster’ to target overseas markets.

KCC Glass Chief Executive Officer Nae-Hoan Kim said the factory will create jobs for 1300 people.

In South Korea, KCC Glass has two factories for its glass production located in Yeoju and Jeonui.

The groundbreaking ceremony is available to watch below.