South Korea’s glass container manufacturer Kumbi Corp has installed Heye International’s latest SmartLine check inspection equipment at its Incheon and Onyang manufacturing sites.

The SmartLine device includes Heye’s latest cold end equipment innovations, including a high speed outfeed belt, multi servo drives, high precision check detection and multi-point non-contact thickness detection.

The equipment replaces existing inspection machines at Kumbi’s two factories, which have been completely modernised and feature fully automated inspection capabilities at Incheon and Onyang.

High performance inspection, a reduction of spare parts inventories, reduced operating costs and the Smartline’s digitalisation capabilities were essential elements of Kumbi’s purchasing decision.

The SmartLine was manufactured entirely at Heye’s Obernkirchen factory in Germany, while Kumbi’s operational team was trained both at the Heye cold end training centre and at neighbouring glassworks.