Pavle is a family-run, Serbian glass processing company located in Pancevo, an industrial city some twenty kilometres northeast of Belgrade.

In former Yugoslavia Pavle covered the entire demand for flat glass.

Today, around 60 employees process glass into different products, whether insulated glass, glass facades or glass for interior applications.

“We are a medium sized company focusing on tailored solutions.

“Within the Republic of Serbia we are definitely number one,” says Managing Director Marko Tmusic with pride (pictured).

Pavle not only processes glass, it also has its own installation crew.

The export rate is about 80%, and most of the customers are located in the Balkans.

The cooperation between Pavle and LiSEC started in the year 2000, after a meeting at glasstec.

Tmusic continues: “We bought software packages and a range of used machines.

“These machines are the core of our company today and have to run non-stop – which they do, indeed.

“They are of very high quality and we can simply rely on them.

“Through this set-up with professional equipment we are seen as a serious business partner and we get access to key projects.”

Product quality was not the only reason for Pavle investing in LiSEC equipment.

“LiSEC installation engineers have a very good reputation in the industry – which we knew.

“They work with a high level of precision and are there for you when you need them, which is especially at the beginning very important.

“We feel supported 24 hours seven days a week,” adds Tmusic.

Now there is no manual handling of glass sheets any more, and as a result the company is accident-free and sick leave has reached a normal level.

At the same time the company made giant leaps regarding product quality.

The Management at Pavle is considering investing in a jumbo line, and will upgrade its glass processing line (where they will opt for a vertical strategy this time) and will also replace its rather outdated laminating technology.

Tmusic says: ”Regarding these investments we will opt for LiSEC machinery and software.

“This time it does not necessarily need to be second hand equipment that we will buy.”

“We simply like to do business with LiSEC: they work in a transparent manner, as a customer I always have full overview about processes and all steps are logical.

“Moreover, in times where competition is severe every company that wants to be successful needs to invest in equipment that enables the company to get to the next level and grow.”

Until Pavle has installed their new machines, they consider the option to outsource the production of large size elements to the LiSEC Glass Forum.

Tmusic continues, “We visited the glass processing facilities of LiSEC during the official opening event and we were really impressed, not only about lines and software installed, also about the broad product range and top notch quality the experts in Austria deliver.”

This year, Pavle also plans to open up an office in Germany to get direct market access.