LiSEC has installed an automatic cutting line with a loading system at the newly formed glass processing company, Glass 360, based in Queensland, Australia.

The Austrian machinery supplier has installed a cutting line for laminated or float glass and a moveable double-sided loading system with four stations.

Phil Norman, Glass 360’s CEO, said: “Glass 360 was conceived to cater for small to medium sized glaziers, requiring a fast and reliable turnaround service.”

“I was aiming to reinvest into our industry and gain tangible assets in a company with genuine growth potential, founded on quality machinery and superior customer service.”

LiSEC's cutting line is a compact size and will increase the independence of external suppliers. Its cutting table will be able to meet Glass 360’s immediate or future production requirements and handle jumbo sheets of up to 3m x 6m.

Mr Norman explained: “For this major long-term investment, we required a machine offering value for money at a reliable end of the scale – we definitely didn’t want knock-offs.”

Glass 360 was looking to install machinery and equipment with the capability to deliver maximum automation, accuracy and efficiencies for a diverse range of jobs throughout the manufacturing process.

Mr Norman said: “The combination cutting line capable of processing both laminated and plate glass was nominated.”

“We chose LiSEC because it had features that other machinery simply didn’t offer.”

The machinery has the ability to interface into Glass 360’s existing software. LiSEC offers the support of locally based technicians who will carry out regular maintenance checks and a sizeable stock of spare parts.

It also has the ability to address work health and safety concerns. After completing a Risk Assesment, Mr Norman found out that the LiSEC automatic loader would substantially reduce crane movement of glass and the specialised lifting arms on the breakout table would reduce manual handling concerns.

Picture: LiSEC cutting line