Machine construction company LiSEC will be introducing a new product gamma at the glasstec 2014 trade show in Düsseldorf.

The series is called 'base' and includes lines and stand-alone machines for so-called 'emerging markets', such as small to medium-sized companies and growing flat-glass processing businesses in high-growth markets.

Othmar Sailer, CEO of the LiSEC Group, notes "LiSEC is very successful in the high-end segment. We now want to offer our technology and experience in other segments."

Besides two production lines (an insulating glass line and a cutting line), the base series from LiSEC also includes stand-alone systems such as break-out tables, assembly presses, and bending machines.

The aim is to provide everything that is required to cut flat glass and process it into insulating glass.

The machines in the base series distinguish themselves through their heavy duty design and easy operation.

Base machines and lines are designed for easy installation. The customer may even complete the installation and start-up in-house himself or with the help of a third-party company.

The entire series keeps in line with the core concept of economy: Spare parts are low-cost and service and maintenance work can usually be completed in-house.

Another important feature of the base product series is the fact that products and machines only feature basic functions in terms of automation, and cannot be upgraded.

They possess their own performance features and the number of options available has been consciously limited.

Christian Krenn, who recently assumed management of sales at LiSEC for this new product series and possess more than 20 years of experience in the glass industry, says: "The amortisation rate of these machines is very short, and depending on the situation we also offer attractive financing conditions.

“This will enable many growing companies to use the highest quality machines for the production of high-quality glass products from a very early stage, which will also enable them to achieve the maximum level of customer satisfaction."