Lisec has developed an entirely new concept for the production of insulating glass units with thermoplastic spacers.

LiSEC, the world market leader for plants and software for the processing of flat glass, presented many hits at the glasstec trade fair 2016 – among them was also a completely new concept for the processing of thermoplastic spacers.

The new system is efficient, effective, fast and a real hit also from the outside due to the new LiSEC machine design.

At the leading trade fair of the glass industry, the glasstec, LiSEC presented the TPA line with the Fast Lane concept (vertical lift-over system) for the first time.

The name Fast Lane says it all: sheets which do not require a TPA application are led past the applicator head and are thus overtaking other ones.

At the glasstec show, an enormous crowd of people was interested in the exhibited line; the visitors were able to appraise the benefits of the new plant several times a day.

Application on the Fast Lane

The new LiSEC line contains a unique feature. In order to increase the cycle time, the sheets which are not applied are transported beyond the applicator station.

This is the LiSEC Fast Lane concept: only those sheets are passing through the sealing plant which are actually sealed.

Thus, cycle times of 35 seconds are possible in case of standard triple insulating glass elements, a double insulating glass element needs only 24 seconds which corresponds to a capacity of approximately 100 elements per hour. This does not only save time, but also the investment costs for the second applicator.