The UK glass industry has launched an initiative with the aim of attracting a new generation of talented young people to the industry.

Delegates at The Society of Glass Technology’s (SGT) Living Glass conference were told of a three-pronged campaign aimed at promoting the glass industry to youngsters and to attract them to work in the industry.

Alistair Wallace, Operations Director at the British Glass’s Glass Academy told the conference, held in Cambridge, UK that by doing so it would allow the UK glass industry to be one of the most pre-eminent in the world.

He said for too long many of the UK’s brightest talents had been attracted to rival industries such as pharmaceutical and automotive.

The three areas the Glass Academy will concentrate on is working with industry, more engagement with schools and universities, and by lobbying the UK government.

It will work with industry to ensure apprentice schemes are relevant. Industry had reported that previous schemes were not fit for purpose.

The Academy will work with schools to help promote core subjects such as science, maths and engineering. It is also working with universities to encourage students into the glass industry via work placements and project sponsorships.

It will also work with the Society of Glass Technology to design new, relevant qualifications for the glass sector, which would then be approved by the UK government.

The two groups will also work more closely together and feed ideas from each other.

Mr Wallace said: “The Glass Academy recognises the value of tapping into the expertise of the Society’s subject matter experts and going forwards, the two organisations will be working together to achieve their common aim of securing the future of the glass industry in the UK.”

Living Glass is the SGT’s annual conference and takes place at Murray College, University of Cambridge, UK.

A review of the event will appear in a forthcoming issue of Glass international.