Loadhog has now cleaned more than 20 million Smartpads at its Sheffield, UK washplant, thanks largely to ongoing business from Encirc Glass.

The Smartpad is a component of Loadhog’s Smartstak glass containment system, which has been used by Encirc to move its bottles more safely, cost-effectively and hygienically.

Loadhog’s Sheffield washplant was the first not to use detergents and achieves its standards using environmentally friendly methodology.

The reverse osmosis water treatment removes contamination and residue on the pad’s surface and the UV light chamber sanitises the Smartpads. This ensures they conform to the industry’s hygiene requirements after every trip.

The Loadhog pooling service includes the collection of dirty pads, washing and the re-distribution of clean ones.

The new reusable Smartcap, designed to replace cardboard capping trays, is also washed using the same environmentally friendly process, eliminating contamination caused by cardboard, especially when wet.

Smartpad users benefit from its wave edge profile, which enables glass to be transported in a more stable manner, reducing losses and eliminating the need for horizontal banding.

A second pooling operation has been established in Portugal to service Loadhog’s Iberian Smartstak customers with the same wash process and service.

Andy Adams, Smartstak’s business development manager, said: “Yet another milestone has been passed by the Smartpad, proving once again its benefits for glass manufacturers, particularly Encirc, one company to which we are indebted for its loyalty.”

Photo: Andy Adams (centre) is pictured alongside the washplant with two members of its operators’ team, Joel Thomas (l) and Paul Fleetwood.