Maltha Glass recycling is to invest €4.5 million on upgrading its production lines at its Heijningen, The Netherlands site.

Maltha is a subsidiary of the Van Gansewinkel Groep, and said the upgraded factory will enable it to increase the amount of raw material it recovers from waste glass by 11% and further improve the quality of the recycled cullet.

The Heijningen site is the company’s largest. Conversion work will start in March 2015 and take several months to complete.

Maltha specialises in recycling glass waste from businesses, local authorities and households, which it processes to create new raw materials for the glass and glass wool industry.

More than 1 million tonnes of glass waste are processed every year by the glass recycler.

“It is important that we continuously improve the quality of our product. For that reason we are now modifying the entire production process at our factory in Heijningen”, stated Tich Vanduren, Director of Maltha Glassrecycling.

“Glass cullet is the perfect raw material for new glass. It is infinitely recyclable in its entirety, without any loss of quality. Also, using glass cullet in the furnace means that less energy is used, significantly reducing the CO2 emissions of our glass furnaces.

"We use the latest recycling technologies and also incorporate a drying step into the process. This increases the recycling percentage by 11% and improves the quality of our end product even further”.