Italian manufacturer Forel has opened its third plant and will expand its headquarters due to the growing number of orders from around the world.

The 3,000m2 plant is based in Venice and was inaugurated at the end of 2018. It will produce machinery for edge processing, including edger machines, drilling and milling machines and washing machines.

Fortunato Vianello, Founder and President of Forel, said: “The market appreciates our products and orders are growing worldwide.”

Forel’s headquarters in Treviso is currently being expanded by 10,000m2, in order to create a bigger production area. The site will be focused on the production of machinery for insulating glass, laminating and vertical cutting.

“The opening of our third plant and the enlargement of our headquarters are consequences of a positive trend.

“Also in a moment when many companies are moving their production abroad, our choice is to continue offering our customer a technology invented, developed and manufactured in Italy.“

In addition to three production plants in Italy, the company owns commercial branches in the USA and Russia, and has a worldwide sales force of 25 partner agencies.

Pictured: The new Forel plant in Fossalta (VE)