The programme for next month's Hydrogen in Glassmaking conference is complete. Here we meet Stara Glass and the LIFE Sugar project.

Stara Glass's Ernesto Cattaneo will provide a presentation titled The idea of Total Recovery Glass Furnace and the LIFE SUGAR Project.

His paper will focus on how regenerative glass furnaces are some of the most efficient devices invented by man.

Yet, they still waste about 30% of the fuel energy by expelling hot waste gas.

The LIFE SUGAR Project, led by Stara Glass, aims at saving such residual heat by utilizing it to power a steam reforming reaction and converting a part of the natural gas into hydrogen, to be burned in the furnace.

The reforming unit will be integrated in the particular heat exchange configuration of Stara Glass Centauro system.

The two-day digital conference takes place June 15 and 16 and includes 16 speakers including the VERCANE project, the CelSian/DNV consortium, BV Glas, Heineken, Glass Service, FIC UK and Linde.

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