Motim Fused Cast Refractories, the privately owned Hungarian company, celebrated its 80th birthday in June.

Hundreds of guests, including local dignitaries, customers, suppliers and global agents as well as key Motim personnel gathered to celebrate the occasion.

Following her father’s brief history of the company, Szilvia Gerezdes (Managing Director of Motim) gave a short introduction to the occasion, recognising some of the countries that were represented such as the USA, Japan, South Africa and the majority of Europe.

The event included traditional dancing, violin performances, a magic show, a falconry display, beer and wine tasting and a wonderful selection of food throughout the day, as well as fireworks.

Many of the guests presented gifts to Motim as a remembrance of the day (see picture), and although the entire programme lasted about 8 hours it seemed to pass very quickly.

The global interaction between the guests and Motim was continuous, and it was a wonderful day.

Picture: A uniquely commissioned handmade, hand cut lead crystal vase produced by O'Rourke Cut Glass (Mt Pleasant, PA, USA). It was cut by Peter O'Rourke himself, and jointly presented by Ron D. Argent (Argent Enterprises Inc, USA) and Paulo de Botton (Tecinde, Portugal), both parties being agents for Motim.