Bengal company Nasir Float Glass Industries has signed a contract with China Triumph International Engineering Company (CTIEC) for the construction of a 600t/d float glass production line.

CTIEC has completed several projects for Nasir since 2002. These are a 250t/d float glass production line, a 100t/d glassware production line, a 20t/d glass drawing tube production line and a 400t/d float glass production line which was expanded from that of 250t/d.

Demands for glass are increasing in the Bengal market as its economy improves. Therefore, Nasir made the decision to construct the 600t/d float glass production line and chose to cooperate with CTIEC again

Peng Shou, board chairman and president of CTIEC, on behalf of company, signed the contract for the project with the Nasir Float Glass Industries Ltd, board chairman and president.

Wang Zongwei, CTIEC vice chief engineer and He Wen, president assistant and director of the international business department of CTIEC, also attended the signing ceremony.