Ulas Topal, formerly Commercial Director at Vertech’, was recently named CEO of Vertech’.

With both a technical and a sales background, Ulas Topal gained experience in Germany, Switzerland and Turkey.

After joining Vertech’s sales team in August 2010, he was in charge of developing sales in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and Russia.

In 2013, he was promoted to Commercial Director after a successful period of sales.

Ulas Topal’s appointment to this new role marks a significant step in Vertech’s history as it coincides with the company’s 20 year anniversary, celebrated this year.

Ulas Topal takes over from Philippe Bierry, owner of Vertech’, who is now dedicated to financial management as well as the development of new markets.

Ulas Topal reaffirmed Vertech’s vision of being recognised and respected as a premier production monitoring system for the glass industry worldwide.

He will also develop the main values of Vertech’: The search for perfection; integrity; trust; collaboration between teams; diversity; and full respect.