NSG CEO Shigeki Mori discusses the challenges the group faced in 2022, including soaring energy prices and the lasting affects of the pandemic.

Mr Mori, Representative Executive Officer, President and CEO of NSG, recognised 2022 as a challenging year, commenting that “we are now living in the world of increased uncertainty”.

In an address to NSG employees, he highlighted Russia's invasion of Ukraine, inflation and soaring energy prices, as well as the world recovering from the lingering impact of the pandemic.

In spite of the difficulties, Mr Mori said NSG managed to maintain stable operations, increase prices and promote transformation activities.

In 2023, although the business environment will likely remain unpredictable, the company aims to make steady progress towards the delivery of the structure reforms set out in its medium-term management plan RP24.

Mr Mori also emphasised the advancement of the internet, which he believed had promoted new changes.

In addition, he said rapid digitalisation was dramatically increasing the amount of data that people had to handle, which had become the driving force of various changes in the society.

He said: “In uncertain times like these, we need to analyse changes and trends in the world carefully and act as quickly as possible. The important thing here is not to predict changes but to be ready to respond in a swift manner.”

He added that as an organisation, diversity and inclusion would also need to be established so that “the potential of all talents [was] being fully unleashed at all times”.

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