NSG Group’s ‘Improved Energy Efficiency of Float Glass Production’ has been chosen as one of six projects to be funded by the UK's Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund.

The project was chosen by the UKRI and ISCF Transforming Foundation Industries Network+, which has awarded over £270k in funding to six collaborative projects supporting energy efficient manufacturing across the foundation industry sectors.

Other notable projects to also receive funding included:

  • Dr Zushu Li of the University of Warwick working in collaboration with British Glass, Glass Futures, Calumite Ltd and Materials Processing Institute working on the project ‘Using Blast Furnace Waste Heat to Convert Various Wastes into New Raw Materials for Low Energy Glass’.

  • Dr Linhao Li of University of Sheffield in collaboration with Vesuvius UK Ltd working on the project ‘Low Temperature Fired Silica-Based Shaped Refractories via Cold Sintering’.

Bruce Adderley, Challenge Director for Transforming Foundation Industries, UKRI said: “UK commitments on route to net zero mean that decarbonisation of the Foundation Industries must progress at pace, and novel technologies will be required to achieve this.

“As such it is greatly encouraging to see TFI Network+ able to assess, fund, and launch projects with this potential in such a short time frame.”

Prof Ian Reaney, Director of the Transforming Foundation Industries Network+ added: “The TFI Network+ has remit to help the foundation industries get ready for net-zero 2050.

“These projects are in key research areas that could radically alter the carbon footprint of several foundation industry sectors.

“We look forward to reporting their outcomes and to funding more high quality projects in the future.”

All projects are due to begin in September of this year.