O-I has created ‘Glass4Good’, a community-based programme to incentivise glass recycling at its facilities.

The programme will provide glass recycling facilities in previously unavailable areas and give back to communities where O-I employees live and work.

The O-I Charities Foundation will make a series of financial contributions based on the amount of recycled glass collected.

Glass4Good will also explore public-private partnerships to overcome barriers to glass recycling and get glass packaging back into the circular economy.

The idea behind the programme is that recycling glass is a win for all: glass packaging will remain in the manufacturing stream, communities will recycle and reduce their environmental impact and donations will be generated for community support groups.

O-I’s plant in Danville, Virginia was among the first to test the programme. Glass collection bins were set up around the city for families to deposit their bottles and jars. These containers were then processed and returned to the O-I plant to be transformed into new ones. In the first six weeks, over 96,000 pounds of recycled glass was collected.

Beyond Danville, Glass4Good is also being launched at the O-I Toano facility in Virginia and O-I is currently working with its plants, municipalities and community partners to expand to several more facilities by the end of the year.