O-I Glass has completed a $120 million upgrade to its Zipaquira, Colombia manufacturing facility.

The enhancement focused on boosting the plant's sustainability, flexibility and productivity, the world's largest container glass manufacturer said.

The investment includes the installation of a new furnace that employs advanced oxy/fuel combustion and waste heat recovery technology.

This upgrade is expected to improve the plant's energy efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions by up to 15% per ton of glass produced.

The new technology is also anticipated to cut NOX emissions by about 50% when compared to traditional air fuel-fired furnaces and will allow for increased use of recycled glass.

Randy Burns, O-I Glass Chief Sustainability & Corporate Affairs Officer, said: "This investment exemplifies O-I's approach of using vision and innovation to transform how glass is made."

He added that this move aligns with the company's commitment to its 2030 target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 25%.

The Zipaquira plant, one of O-I's largest in Latin America, has created approximately 100 new jobs as a result of the new furnace, contributing to both direct and indirect employment in the region.

Alvaro Suarez, Managing Director for O-I Andean Region, emphasised the positive impact of the investment on community development and the alignment with the company's commercial strategy and market growth projections.