O-I Europe has secured an exclusive contract with You Tube music sensations, The Bottle Boys.

The band, that plays all its music on perfectly tuned glass bottles, has more than 77,000 YouTube subscribers. Its biggest hit, Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean has been viewed more than 6 million times.

The group is the perfect partner to help O-I appeal to millennials, the first generation to have grown up consuming foods and beverages primarily packaged in materials other than glass.

At the same time, this generation is more sensitive than any other to sustainability issues. O-I is keen to explore how to engage millennials with glass packaging, a material with which they may have had limited contact and few childhood points of reference.

The deal includes concerts at O-I events and for O-I customers, and Glass Is Life branding at engagements and on each of their monthly BottleMondays You Tube videos.

O-I is supporting the campaign through its own Glass Is Life social media channels.

Marie-Laure Susset, brand and external communications manager for O-I Europe, said: “This partnership provides a brilliant way to engage millennials with glass packaging and our Glass Is Life movement.

“Through their fun way to reuse glass, the BottleBoys will open the door for meaningful discussions about the benefits and sustainability of glass.”

Band member, Martin Barrett Aagaard, said: “Most bands consist of brass, strings or woodwind but our instrument of choice is glass.

“The Glass Is Life movement echoes exactly what we think about glass – to us, it’s joyful, life-enhancing and natural. We wouldn’t be the Bottle Boys without glass.”