O-I Glass has announced it will lay off 25% of its employees from its Waco site in Texas, US due to damage to one of its furnaces.

O-I has been a manufacturer of glass packaging in Waco since 1944, operating three furnaces and seven production lines to serve the beer, spirits and non-alcoholic beverages markets.

Since the 2021 Texas Freeze, one of its furnaces has experienced on-going damage and continued decline in performance due to thermal shock resulting from the power and gas outages during the event.

Following the most recent assessment of that furnace, the decision has been made to indefinitely suspend its operation, restructuring the workforce and facility to focus on the two remaining furnaces.

This will result in the indefinite layoff of approximately 25% of Waco’s current workforce.

Management met with the workforce and union officials last week to notify them in person and provide them with transition support.

O-I will continue to produce high-quality, sustainable glass packaging in Waco, and will remain a dedicated, engaged community partner through programs, such as Glass4Good.