O-I’s ‘twist to open’ Helix bottle continues its conquest.

It’s now landing in the United Kingdom after establishing itself in France, Spain, Portugal, Benelux, South Africa, China, Japan and the US.

Anthonij Rupert, famous for the quality of its wines and vineyards in South Africa, has chosen Helix to bottle its range of Protea wines.

The Helix bottle is known thanks to its threaded cork stopper and striated lines inside the neck and will boost Protea wine’s appeal to British consumers.

The bottle has an original design with a floral decoration made in the O-I Innoval factory located in Chazelles sur Lyon in the Loire, France.

Helix allows the consumer to open a bottle of wine without a corkscrew, thanks to a simple ‘twist’, while preserving the distinctive ‘pop’ which is the hallmark of a cork closure.

The innovation has been developed and marketed by O-I and Amorim, specialists, respectively, in glass packaging and corks.

Glass and cork are recyclable, so Helix is ​​also an answer to the many challenges of the environment.