O-I’s Reims, France, glass manufacturing plant is delivering champagne bottles to nearby customers with trucks powered by grapeseed and fryer oil.

The grapeseed oil is harvested in the Marne and Aubre regions of France and the fryer oil comes from the Paris region.

The container glass producer said that the use of biofuels in the transportation of its bottles results in a 60% CO2 emissions savings compared to diesel fuel and 80% less fine particle emissions.

Walter Ferrer, O-I Managing Director, South-West Europe, said: “To be effective, our commitment to sustainable development must be 360° and involve all segments of our business, from purchasing to production, including our support functions and our day-to-day practices.

“While we are already well advanced in terms of the circular economy, with rates of recycled raw materials called cullet that can exceed 80%, we are working hard to increase the energy efficiency of our equipment, create more resilient supply chains, and improve the working conditions of our teams.”

This method represents 70% of the plant’s current champagne bottle deliveries. It is the Reims plant’s ambition to deliver all champagne bottles to customers via this system within the next three years.