US glass producer Owens Corning has announced the completion of its Guangde SKD Rock Wool Manufacture acquisition in Guangde, China.

The mineral wool manufacturer’s sales were approximately $10 million in 2017. Mineral wool is the primary insulation material in China due to its lifesaving and fire protection properties.

Julian Francis, Insulation Business President at Owens Corning, said: “We see great opportunity to provide our customers in China with products in both the mid temperature building and high-temperature industrial-application markets.

“This acquisition furthers our strategy to expand Owens Corning’s technology portfolio across the three largest insulation markets in the world.”

The US glass producer now has seven insulation manufacturing facilities across China, providing customers with a full temperature range of products including fiberglass, extruded polystyrene foam, cellular glass and mineral wool insulation.

Paul Wei, Vice-President and Managing Director of Asia Pacific at Owens Corning, said: “We are pleased to further scale our mineral wool manufacturing capabilities in China.

“We will continue to invest in and leverage our deep building science and construction expertise to meet our customers’ growing needs in this important market.”